[Bro] Additional Records in DNS

Chris Crawford christopher.p.crawford at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 13:04:04 PDT 2013

I'm trying to write a bro script that pulls out authoritative nameservers
and additional records from DNS.

I think I need the the dns_EDNS_addl event to get at that part of a DNS
reply, since the dns_edns_additional structure seems like it has the
information I'm looking for:

Unfortunately, it looks like dns_EDNS_addl isn't implemented yet:

# scripts/base/protocols/dns/main.bro
 318 # TODO: figure out how to handle these
 324 #event dns_EDNS_addl(c: connection, msg: dns_msg, ans:

Has anyone worked out a way to grab this information from a DNS reply?

If not, could anyone point me in the right direction so that I can roll my
own solution?

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