[Bro] Create different file size from original one in HTTP File-extract

JH YANG joonysky at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 22 14:24:26 PDT 2013

Hey guys,

I'm working on BRO and extracting certain type of files on file systems. My question is Bro often has different file size from original one. So I performed some test with a vanilla BRO only configured like below.
redef HTTP::extract_file_types = /application\/.*/;
redef HTTP::extraction_prefix= "/usr/local/bro/logs/http-entity/"

After then I compared with a file from original one while capturing packets.

I found below :
Downloaded file(Bamf.zip) : 

Original file size: 96396 bytes

From Bro:  94119 bytes

Pcap: 96396 bytes

Pcap hasn't any missed parts but the file from Bro created uncompleted file which doesn't have last parts of file(2277bytes)

I would appreciate if you provide me any clue or thought for solving it

Thank you,
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