[Bro] How can I receive tcp_contents event over 1500 bytes.

kyunsang.song at inspien.co.kr kyunsang.song at inspien.co.kr
Thu Jun 6 23:07:44 PDT 2013

Hi, I'm new to bro.
I received tcp_contents (reassembled tcp payload) event with broccoli.
But, bro doesn't emit events over 1500 bytes. (approx.)
How can I receive event tcp_contents properly.

Bellow is my local.bro
@load frameworks/communication/listen
redef tcp_reassembler_ports_resp: set[port] = {
  3200/tcp, 3201/tcp
redef tcp_content_deliver_all_orig: bool = T;
redef tcp_content_deliver_all_resp: bool = T;

Thanks in advance.
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