[Bro] My last issue I hope

Richards, James L - DOA James.Richards at wisconsin.gov
Thu Jun 20 07:50:12 PDT 2013

So everything is humming along with no errors, but also no events.

In looking at pf_ring, specifically /proc/net/pf_ring, I am seeing that it does not appear to be capturing packets...

Slot Len           : 8224 [bucket+header]
Tot Memory         : 67108864
Tot Packets        : 0
Tot Pkt Lost       : 0
Tot Insert         : 0
Tot Read           : 0
Insert Offset      : 0
Remove Offset      : 0
TX: Send Ok        : 0
TX: Send Errors    : 0
Reflect: Fwd Ok    : 0
Reflect: Fwd Errors: 0
Num Free Slots     : 8159

I have the nics in promisc mode, and have done the sudo setcap cap_net_raw,cap_net_admin=eip /usr/local/bro/bin/bro

Have any of you run into this?  I am scouring the web right now, but if anyone knows this one off the top of their head I would be most appreciative for any pointers.

James Richards
Office of Security
Wisconsin Department of Administration

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