[Bro] Question about capture loss script vs. broctl netstats

Vern Paxson vern at icir.org
Thu Jun 27 06:09:08 PDT 2013

As seth mentions, the capture-loss script is quite robust, because it
essentially computes an end-to-end value.  I don't know of any situations
where in practice it makes poor estimates.  These stats:

> worker-0-1: 1372179895.260001 recvd=64969350 dropped=0 link=64969350
> worker-0-2: 1372179895.461289 recvd=66422051 dropped=0 link=66422051
> worker-0-3: 1372179895.660990 recvd=64099315 dropped=0 link=64099315
> worker-0-4: 1372179895.861853 recvd=61738222 dropped=0 link=61738222

on the other hand come from the kernel's statistics.  If packets are lost
prior to the kernel even seeing them (such as due to an overwhelmed SPAN
port - quite common), then while it reports no drops, that's not a
useful end-to-end measure.  (Also, some kernels have bugs in how these
statistics are captured, for example missing out on packets dropped by
the NIC rather than the kernel.)


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