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Aaron Gee-Clough lists at g-clef.net
Wed Mar 6 13:35:18 PST 2013

Hello, everyone,  

I started this question over on the security onion list, but it was pointed
out that this list is probably the better venue for Bro questions. Anyway,
here's what I'm trying to do: I'm trying to pull all of the dns resolution
events for several DNS servers off the wire (from several different
locations, so there will be multiple listening boxes involved), so that I can
put the data in a database for alerting/reporting/etc. That separate database
(Arcsight) isn't something I can replace/remove at present (that's a
political decsion that I can't change), but I do want to get this DNS
information into it as cleanly as possible.  

My first assumption was that I would use Security Onion & Bro for this, since
the dns.log file contains exactly what I'm looking for. I had considered
simply dumping the dns.log file (or syslog sending it out), but broccoli came
to my attention as a way to make this process easier (allowing me to have one
central script to format the data for arcsight rather than having to teach
arcsight how to read bro logs)....but I've had a lot of trouble getting the
broccoli python bindings to do what I'm expecting of them.  


Here's where I am at the moment:  

1) I have added the following to the bro config:  
>@load policy/frameworks/communication/listen
>@load base/protocols/dns/main
>global api_test_log = open_log_file("/tmp/apitest.log");
>redef Communication::nodes += {
> ["api"] = [$host=, $connect=F]
>global dns_via_api: event(orig_h: addr, resp_h: addr, start_time: time, ans:
>dns_answer, reply: strin
>event DNS::do_reply(c: connection, msg: dns_msg, ans: dns_answer, reply:
>string) &priority=-4
> {
> event dns_via_api(c$id$orig_h, c$id$resp_h, c$start_time, ans, reply);
> print api_test_log, fmt("%s dns answer received, creating custom event.", 
> }  



The idea here is to add a custom event that only has the specific DNS bits
I'm interested in, and in theory my python script would subscribe to that
custom event. The api_test_log file is only there for me to verify that the
custom event is firing...once this is working properly I would remove that
bit. This seems to be working (I see records in the test log) from the bro
side, but I still haven't got the python side doing what I want yet.  

2) I have a python script that does this:  
>import broccoli  
>dns_answer = broccoli.record_type("answer_type", "query", "qtype", "qclass",
>@broccoli.event(broccoli.addr, broccoli.addr, broccoli.time, dns_answer,
>def dns_via_api(orig_h, resp_h, start_time, ans, reply):
> print reply
>bc = broccoli.Connection("", connect=False)
>bc.subscribe("dns_via_api", dns_via_api)
>while True:
> bc.processInput()
> time.sleep(1)  


This gets *something* (which is progress), but the script crashes with:  
>File "/opt/bro/lib/broctl/broccoli.py", line 87, in wrapped_f
> new_args += [instantiate(btype, val, type)]
> File "/opt/bro/lib/broctl/broccoli.py", line 408, in instantiate
> return _Factories[src_type](val, dst_type)
> File "/opt/bro/lib/broctl/broccoli.py", line 282, in _factory
> return record(dst_type, vals)
> File "/opt/bro/lib/broctl/broccoli.py", line 297, in __init__
> for (key, val) in zip(type.fields, vals):
>AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'fields'  



Could any of you give me a pointer as to what I've missed here?  


Thank you.  


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