[Bro] problem with creating listening socket in bro

Zaafar Ahmed zaafar.tahir at gmail.com
Fri May 3 06:17:12 PDT 2013


I was trying to create listening socket in bro via communication framework
( "base/frameworks/communication/main.bro" ). I run the above mention
script after adding a Node in the nodes table, then I run netstat command
to check if there is any listening port (default port) open but there isn't.

Following is the output of communication.log file.

1367582532.150345       bro     parent  -       -       -       info
raised pipe's socket buffer size from 224K to 1024K
1367582532.150345       bro     parent  -       -       -       info
communication started, parent pid is 13482, child pid is 13484
1367582538.673958       bro     child   -       -       -       info
selects=100000 canwrites=0 timeouts=100000
1367582545.197614       bro     child   -       -       -       info
selects=200000 canwrites=0 timeouts=200000
1367582551.720802       bro     child   -       -       -       info
selects=300000 canwrites=0 timeouts=300000
1367582558.242728       bro     child   -       -       -       info
selects=400000 canwrites=0 timeouts=400000
1367582564.762133       bro     child   -       -       -       info
selects=500000 canwrites=0 timeouts=500000

when I checked, what the above mentioned script was doing, it was calling
enable_communication function,

function enable_communication%(%): any

shouldn't that script also call 'listen' function.

function listen%(ip: addr, p: port, ssl: bool, ipv6: bool, zone_id:
string, retry_interval: interval%) : bool

maybe that's the reason it isn't opening listening port?

zaafar <zaafar.tahir at gmail.com> <zaafar.ahmed at sysnet.org.pk>
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