[Bro] cannot create working directory

Richards, James L - DOA James.Richards at wisconsin.gov
Thu May 23 14:31:08 PDT 2013

I am checking that out,  because that would make perfect sense.

Thanks much!

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Subject: RE: cannot create working directory

Are you running commands as the correct user?

-- KS

Keith Schoenefeld
Information Security Analyst
Baylor University

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Subject: [Bro] cannot create working directory

Good afternoon,

  I am new to Bro, and have been trying to google around for some information, I am hoping one of you may have run into this before.

Our bro system stopped updating a bit ago, and when I go into the manager console and attempt to start things up, I get a cannot create working directory error messages for the nodes.

Have any of you run into this?  It looks like it should be fairly straight forward, but I am very new to the system, and the specific installation of it.


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