[Bro] cannot create working directory

Richards, James L - DOA James.Richards at wisconsin.gov
Fri May 24 12:46:21 PDT 2013


  It doesn't look like a permissions issue, all files are bro:bro, and the broctl.sh script looks to be running as bro.

Plenty of space on the drives.

It has been suggested that I take this as an opportunity to install the latest version of bro on the nodes.  I have a couple of questions:

On Ubuntu, can I run the command to install the binaries, is this recommended, or should I compile, any advantage/risk to either method?

Do I need to update the brocntl machine as well,  that one is running more than just Bro so I cannot take it down at will.

Thanks much,


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On 2013-05-23 15:16, Richards, James L - DOA wrote:
> Good afternoon,
>  I am new to Bro, and have been trying to google around for some 
> information, I am hoping one of you may have run into this before.
> Our bro system stopped updating a bit ago, and when I go into the 
> manager console and attempt to start things up, I get a cannot create 
> working directory error messages for the nodes.
> Have any of you run into this? It looks like it should be fairly 
> straight forward, but I am very new to the system, and the specific 
> installation of it.
> Jim

First guess, full file system.  Linux?

df -h

should get you space available numbers.

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