[Bro] Getting status from broctl

Justin Azoff JAzoff at albany.edu
Wed May 29 09:08:59 PDT 2013

On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 10:51:40AM -0500, Richards, James L - DOA wrote:
> When I am in the broctl console, issuing a status results in the following:
> (could this be giving me other grief as well?)

This is probably related to your other issues..

>     statuses = dict([(n.name, success and output[0].split()[0].lower() or "???
> ") for (n, success, output) in statuses])

the status command just grabs the first word of the output of

    cat /path/to/worker/.status..


    root at sec2:~# cat /var/spool/bro/worker-sec2-3/.status 
    RUNNING [net_run]

that's failing for you for some reason..

-- Justin Azoff
-- Network Security & Performance Analyst

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