[Bro] Links in SMTP round 2

Justin Azoff JAzoff at albany.edu
Fri Nov 8 07:07:30 PST 2013

On Fri, Nov 08, 2013 at 07:25:07AM -0700, James Lay wrote:
> error in /usr/local/bro/share/bro/base/protocols/smtp/./main.bro, line 10: extension field must be &optional or have &default (SMTP::Info)

Yep.. you need to mark it as &optional like it says.

> error in ./testfiles/test.bro, line 12: syntax error, at end of file

You just need to handle that event and extract the links.

> I’m hoping the first error is because I haven’t defined the new field of smtp_http yet.  As for the second, I’m not sure how to create that field.  I’ve been looking heavily at http://www.bro.org/sphinx-git/frameworks/logging.html, but so far this is all I have.  ANY help…tutorials…pointers…something would really save me some time.  Thank you.

Here is a script that adds a field to the conn log, it does all the
things you need to do:


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