[Bro] Bro - Broccoli Data Type Mismatch issue

Vishak Muthukumar vmuthu at ucdavis.edu
Sat Oct 5 16:20:40 PDT 2013


I am developing Bro scripts for reading modbus packets.
I send the packet details to broccoli as events.
When I send an event with parameters of type "addr" and "vector of
count" from the bro script to broccoli, the broccoli doesn't receive the
parameters correctly.
The code --

Bro script --

global pong: event(reg: vector of count, ipaddr: addr);

event modbus_read_holding_registers_response(c: connection, headers:
ModbusHeaders, registers: ModbusRegisters)

 event pong(ModbusRegisters,c$id$resp_h);

#ModbusRegisters - type vector of count
#c$id$resp_h type-addr


Broccoli Script --

static void bro_pong(BroConn *conn,void *data,BroRecord *rec,BroAddr

        int type = BRO_TYPE_COUNT;
        uint64 *register;
        if (! (seq = bro_record_get_nth_val(rec, 0, &type)))
                printf("Error getting sequence count from event, got type
%i\n", type);
        printf("pong event from seq=%"PRIu64"",*register);



Thanks in advance!

Vishak Muthukumar

Graduate Student

University of California, Davis
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