[Bro] Yet Another Conference - like no other :)

Michal Purzynski michal at rsbac.org
Fri Oct 18 03:52:33 PDT 2013

On 10/14/13 2:09 PM, James Lay wrote:
> On Oct 14, 2013, at 5:03 AM, Michal Purzynski <michal at rsbac.org> wrote:
>> Yes. I'm from Mozilla. Now you know :)
>> Slides from my recent talk about NSM @ Mozilla at YaC 2013 are here, a
>> full video will hopefully follow.
>> http://tech.yandex.ru/events/yac/2013/talks/1131/
>> Happy to answer questions, share experience, etc. Note it's an emerging
>> project and I expect new servers to be shipped this week, so far using
>> whatever-I-could-find in terms of CPU, but the rest matches.

Video is there.

1. I'm not a native speaker. That's why I'm talking slower ;)
2. There's quite a bit of people in the audience but the camera mostly 
gets what's in 2-3 front rows which were reserved
3. Being is the last in a day, presenting at 19:30 is hard

Hope it's providing some useful background on our implementation of Bro. 
Feedback welcome :)

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