[Bro] Yet Another Conference - like no other :)

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You mentioned that you're using Bro 2.2, though. Is that on a separate cluster or are you building 2.2 into a Security Onion install? If the latter, how do you manage that process? Seems like it would be complex.

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On 10/18/13 7:38 PM, Kristoffer Björk wrote:
Great presentation!
Do you use security onion for the bro & snort clusters or you installed it on vanilla linux/bsd boxes?

It's all Security Onion, tuned to our needs. That's the power of SO - it's so flexible you can enable/disable/change parts of it without impacting the rest. I can't imagine doing all the integration that SO does, myself. Technically doable, but -ENOTIME :)

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