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> to carve jar files from pcaps, the problem is that if I manually carve a file from wireshark the size and the hash of this file are different from the ones that I get if I use bro. What is funny is that in the http.log I get the right md5 of the jar file, but then if I use the md5sum utility on the file extracted with bro they don't match

There is some problem with doing file extraction in 2.1 that pops up from time to time.  I don't think there is anyone that is totally clear what the problem is and we've completely revamped file handling for 2.2.  The video where I discuss file handling in the upcoming 2.2 release was just released today and there are some exercises available too.

Video: http://security.ncsa.illinois.edu/BroExchange2013/Hall-File_Analysis-NCSA%20DSS%20H264%201.25Mbps.mp4
Exercises: http://bro.org/bro-exchange-2013/exercises/faf.html


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