[Bro] updating dev from git repo

JP Bourget jp.bourget at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 07:34:40 PDT 2013


I'm trying to update to the latest version. (from 2.1.1052)

 Few questions:
Can I just do a git pull origin master

git pull origin master - it seems to grab all the submodules

do I need to:  git submodule foreach git pull origin master?

If I just do the first one, and run ./configure I get the following to
files missing:

missing - sqllite3.c

and CMake Warning at aux/broctl/aux/trace-summary/CMakeLists.txt:30

Could not find dependency: 'ipsumdump', trace-summary will not be able to
read pcap traces
I see that at least the sqllite3.c is available from the repo - how can I
fix this so that it's fixed properly - should I just copy the files from
the repo? Or should I actually run a different git command? Thanks in

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