[Bro] broctl and filtering

James Lay jlay at slave-tothe-box.net
Fri Sep 20 06:13:42 PDT 2013

Hey all…trying to pass this:

broargs = --filter not ip6

a few different ways, but I'm not having much luck:

broargs = --filter not ip6
broargs = --filter 'not ip6'
broargs = --filter "not ip6"

==== stderr.log
error: can't open ip6


==== stderr.log
/usr/local/bro/share/broctl/scripts/broctl-config.sh: line 67: ip6: command not found
error: can't open ip6

==== .cmdline
-i eth1 -U .status -p broctl -p broctl-live -p standalone -p local -p bro local.bro broctl broctl/standalone broctl/auto --filter not ip6

Any hints on how to pass the filter the right way?  Thanks all.

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