[Bro] Couple script questions

James Lay jlay at slave-tothe-box.net
Wed Sep 25 09:00:53 PDT 2013

On 2013-09-25 09:37, Seth Hall wrote:
> On Sep 25, 2013, at 10:22 AM, James Lay <jlay at slave-tothe-box.net> 
> wrote:
>> Is this still the case?  I'm running 2.2 beta...thanks for any
>> assistance.
> Hrm, now that I go back and look at those scripts, I'm not sure they
> will work as they are.  I'll try to come back around soon and fix
> them.  Maybe I'll actually add some tests! :)
>   .Seth

Thanks Seth.  And for those that may need it:

         [$state="Alabama",                      $low=416, $high=424],
         [$state="Alaska",                       $low=574, $high=574],
         [$state="Arizona1",                     $low=526, $high=527],
         [$state="Arizona2",                     $low=600, $high=601],
         [$state="Arizona3",                     $low=764, $high=765],
         [$state="Arkansas1",                    $low=429, $high=432],
         [$state="Arkansas2",                    $low=676, $high=679],
         [$state="California1",                  $low=545, $high=573],
         [$state="California2",                  $low=602, $high=626],
         [$state="Colorado1",                    $low=521, $high=524],
         [$state="Colorado2",                    $low=650, $high=653],
         [$state="Connecticut",                  $low=040, $high=049],
         [$state="Delaware",                     $low=221, $high=222],
         [$state="District of Columbia",         $low=577, $high=579],
         [$state="Florida1",                     $low=261, $high=267],
         [$state="Florida2",                     $low=589, $high=595],
         [$state="Florida3",                     $low=765, $high=772],
         [$state="Georgia1",                     $low=252, $high=260],
         [$state="Georgia2",                     $low=667, $high=675],
         [$state="Guam  American Samoa  Philippines",    $low=586, 
         [$state="Hawaii1",                      $low=575, $high=576],
         [$state="Hawaii2",                      $low=750, $high=751],
         [$state="Idaho",                        $low=518, $high=519],
         [$state="Illinois",                     $low=318, $high=361],
         [$state="Indiana",                      $low=303, $high=317],
         [$state="Iowa",                         $low=478, $high=485],
         [$state="Kansas",                       $low=508, $high=515],
         [$state="Kentucky",                     $low=400, $high=407],
         [$state="Louisiana1",                   $low=433, $high=439],
         [$state="Louisiana2",                   $low=659, $high=665],
         [$state="Maine",                        $low=004, $high=007],
         [$state="Maryland",                     $low=212, $high=220],
         [$state="Massachusetts",                $low=010, $high=034],
         [$state="Michigan",                     $low=362, $high=386],
         [$state="Minnesota",                    $low=468, $high=477],
         [$state="Mississippi1",                 $low=425, $high=428],
         [$state="Mississippi2",                 $low=587, $high=588],
         [$state="Mississippi3",                 $low=752, $high=755],
         [$state="Missouri",                     $low=486, $high=500],
         [$state="Montana",                      $low=516, $high=517],
         [$state="Nebraska",                     $low=505, $high=508],
         [$state="Nevada",                       $low=530, $high=680],
         [$state="New Hampshire",                $low=001, $high=003],
         [$state="New Jersey",                   $low=135, $high=158],
         [$state="New Mexico1",                  $low=525, $high=585],
         [$state="New Mexico2",                  $low=648, $high=649],
         [$state="New York",                     $low=050, $high=134],
         [$state="North Carolina1",              $low=237, $high=246],
         [$state="North Carolina2",              $low=681, $high=690],
         [$state="North Dakota",                 $low=501, $high=502],
         [$state="Ohio",                         $low=268, $high=302],
         [$state="Oklahoma",                     $low=440, $high=448],
         [$state="Oregon",                       $low=540, $high=544],
         [$state="Pennsylvania",                 $low=159, $high=211],
         [$state="Puerto Rico",                  $low=596, $high=599],
         [$state="Rhode Island",                 $low=035, $high=039],
         [$state="South Carolina1",              $low=247, $high=251],
         [$state="South Carolina2",              $low=654, $high=658],
         [$state="South Dakota",                 $low=503, $high=504],
         [$state="Tennessee1",                   $low=408, $high=415],
         [$state="Tennessee2",                   $low=756, $high=763],
         [$state="Texas1",                       $low=449, $high=467],
         [$state="Texas2",                       $low=627, $high=647],
         [$state="Utah",                         $low=528, $high=529],
         [$state="Vermont",                      $low=008, $high=009],
         [$state="Virginia1",                    $low=223, $high=231],
         [$state="Virginia2",                    $low=691, $high=699],
         [$state="Virgin Islands",               $low=580, $high=580],
         [$state="Washington",                   $low=531, $high=539],
         [$state="West Virginia",                $low=233, $high=236],
         [$state="West Virginia North Carolina", $low=232, $high=232],
         [$state="Wisconsin",                    $low=387, $high=399],
         [$state="Wyoming",                      $low=520, $high=520],

I made a leap of faith and assumed that states with only one prefix low 
and high were assigned the same number.


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