[Bro] Problems in Communicating with BroCluster Using Broccoli

赵芮元 zryzregister at 163.com
Sat Apr 26 08:25:57 PDT 2014

Hi all,
Sorry to trouble! Now I encountered a problem when I tries to implement a programme that is capable of communicating with Bro CLuster. The programme functions well when communicating with single Bro, but has problem when I installed the scripts to BroCluster.
The Bro-end is something like:

@load frameworks/communication/listen
redef Communication::listen_port = 49889/tcp; 
redef Communication::listen_ssl = F;
global ping_log = open_log_file("alert");
global alert: event(t: string, id: string, sip: string, sp: string, dip: string, dp: string); 
 redef Communication::nodes += { ["pingevent"] = [$host =, $events = /alert/, $connect=T, $ssl=F] };
 event alert(t: string, id: string, sip: string, sp: string, dip: string, dp: string) 
 print ping_log, fmt("Alert received, %s",id);
 print fmt("alert event recieved! %s %s %s %s %s %s",t,id,sip,sp,dip,dp); }
 And the other end sends Bro events to the Bro-end.
Now, the problem is while this script works well when communicating with single Bro which uses the command "bro", but it has problems when I install them to the Bro Cluster nodes, e.g. local-manager.bro or local-worker.bro. My script and programme is  listed in the attachment. Hope for help!! Thanks a lot!

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