[Bro] Myricom and Bro... show of hands for successful deployments on 10G links (with > 5Gpbs)

Harry Hoffman hhoffman at ip-solutions.net
Thu Aug 21 08:26:18 PDT 2014

Hi All,

So, I’m writing to hopefully get a show of hands from those of your out there who’ve employed Myricom cards to capture packets on your 10G links.

I’ll start by saying that while the myricom cards we have in place do a fine job of capturing I’ve been unable to find the secret sauce that allows both capture and writing to disk in a way that doesn’t drop significant amounts of packets using either bro, tcpdump, snort, suricata.

For those of you out there using myricom cards in conjunction with your favorite tools (bro of course ;-)  ) can you let me know what data rate your Myricom cards are seeing and what (assuming some) percentage of packets you are dropping?

If you aren’t dropping anything I’d love to know more about your setup! :-) 


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