[Bro] Restructing of PktSrc.cc - missing FileName

John Donnelly jdonnelly at dyn.com
Fri Dec 19 05:37:48 PST 2014


We have been using 2.2.135 fork of bro and notice a lot of changes in the
PktSrc class in the current implementation;

Some of fields we have been using have disappeared in the recent code base:
( FileName )

Old :

class PktDumper {public: PktDumper(const char* file = 0, bool append = false
); ~PktDumper() { Close(); } bool Open(const char* file = 0); bool Close();
bool Dump(const struct pcap_pkthdr* hdr, const u_char* pkt); pcap_dumper_t*
PcapDumper() { return dumper; } const char* FileName() const { return
filename; }

bro.bif: In function ‘Val* BifFunc::bro_rotate_file_to_name(Frame*,

bro.bif:4216:39: error: ‘class iosource::PktDumper’ has no member named

bro.bif:4223:30: error: ‘class iosource::PktDumper’ has no member named

Suggestions welcome.
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