[Bro] script working from cmd line but not from local.bro

Kellogg, Brian D (OLN) bkellogg at dresser-rand.com
Fri Jan 3 12:04:49 PST 2014

I believe some of the problem is my formatting.  I added some stuff back into the simpler script along with the changes that Justin recommended and had the same problem.  I then went in and moved {} for the "if else" statements to their own lines like I see in the scripts that ship with Bro and then the script works.  I haven't tried the entire more complex script yet, but I'll let this run and add to it over the weekend.  Thanks for all the help and input.

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> I have a script I've been writing for a couple weeks that looks at every connection's total bytes.  If the total bytes when the connection is removed from memory is over X bytes then raise a Bro notice.  I have a global variable structure defined to keep track of internal hosts that have uploaded more than X bytes in a connection.

Please post the script so we can review it.


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