[Bro] Error when extracting URLs from email traffic

Hosom, Stephen M hosom at battelle.org
Tue Jul 8 09:57:07 PDT 2014

This is actually a script that has been written already. Check out policy/frameworks/intel/seen/smtp-url-extraction.bro. You’ll need to modify this script a little, but it has most of what you need.

If you just want to see if certain URLs are in emails, then you could actually already do that with the Intelligence Framework, without having to write your own script.

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Hello Bro list,
I am attempting to write a script to extract URLs from SMTP.  The script below is my starting point and it seems to work pretty well except that I am getting an  error occasionally on some of the connections.  The end goal (and I am a ways away atm) is to eventually get the URLs fed into the intel framework to attempt to alert on potential spearphishing.
@load base/frameworks/intel
@load base/utils/urls
@load ./where-locations.bro

event file_over_new_connection(f: fa_file, c: connection, is_orig: bool)
        const mail_servers = {, };

        if ( c$id$orig_h !in mail_servers )
        if ( ! f?$conns )
        if ( f$source != "SMTP" )

        if ( ! f?$bof_buffer )

        for ( cid in f$conns )
                local urls = find_all_urls_without_scheme(f$bof_buffer);
                for ( url in urls )

                            print fmt(url);

The error is:
1404827445.346519 error in ./extract_urls_in_email_v1.bro, line 38: too few arguments for format (fmt(url) and <redacted URL>

Does anyone know what might be causing this error?
Best Regards,
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