[Bro] Having phun on a friday

Seth Hall seth at icir.org
Fri Jul 18 10:51:55 PDT 2014

I wrote a Phant.io module this morning.  Phant is a server for data handling written by SparkFun electronics.  It's really meant as a data collection tool for the internet of things (generally for small, embedded devices) but I figured that Bro is a thing too. :)

Here's the module:

Here's a stream that I've been posting data to on the data.sparkfun.com phant instance:

If you want to see how it's used:

(also, I know that in my example script I have in the brophant module that the private key is there, but I'm not really concerned about it)

Have fun!

Seth Hall
International Computer Science Institute
(Bro) because everyone has a network

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