[Bro] How to extract data to a eml file from smtp traffic

Robert_Yang at trendmicro.com.cn Robert_Yang at trendmicro.com.cn
Wed Jul 23 23:45:54 PDT 2014

Hi everyone,

I want to extract the whole data to a eml file from smtp traffic. And the system event - file_new() only save every mime entity of an email as a file instead of the whole email. This is not I want.

I try to add an event in ./share/bro/base/protocols/smtp/file.bro.

event smtp_data(c: connection, is_orig:bool, data:string)
        print fmt("DATA %d", |data|);

I print size of every data. The amount of every data size is always less than actually size the eml file ( 23137 Byte < 23831 Byte). So what I miss? And how to save data to file in smtp_data event?

Please help me about the above question if you are free. Thank you a lot!

Robert Yang

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