[Bro] Bro 2.3 command line problem.

Siwek, Jon jsiwek at illinois.edu
Thu Jun 26 09:13:15 PDT 2014

On Jun 26, 2014, at 7:47 AM, Bryant, Thomas <Thomas.Bryant at parsons.com> wrote:

> Trying the same thing from Bro 2.3:
>  bro -r myPackets.pcap
> results in:
>   internal error: Broxygen can't get mtime of bro binary : No such file or directory
>   Aborted
> If, however, one uses this command:
>   /home/myAccount/bro2.3/bin/bro -r myPackets.pcap
> all is again OK.
> Note that the /home/myAccount/bro2.3/bin directory is in my path, which was changed from the similar Bro 2.1 directory when Bro 2.3 was installed.

What does `which bro` output?  And what does `ls -l $(which bro)` output?

If the bro binary doesn’t have read permissions I think you may get an error like that.  You might also check that the read/search permissions for path components are sane (a blunt way to ensure that would be something like `chmod -R +rX /home/myAccount/bro2.3`).

> FWIW, I set up an account on the JIRA Bro issue tracker page, and could not find the "Create a new ticket" button, so I post this here, instead.

Once logged in, there should be a “Create” button in the top menu bar.

- Jon

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