[Bro] How to use PF_RING multi?

Thomas, Eric D edthoma at sandia.gov
Thu Nov 13 10:18:30 PST 2014

I found the answer. I missed the lb_interfaces option.
Eric Thomas
edthoma at sandia.gov

From: <Thomas>, "Thomas, Eric D" <edthoma at sandia.gov<mailto:edthoma at sandia.gov>>
Date: Thursday, November 13, 2014 10:05 AM
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Subject: How to use PF_RING multi?

What is the configuration needed to run bro with PF_RING using its link aggregation (multi) capability? This below (a snippet of node.cfg) doesn't do it:


Eric Thomas
edthoma at sandia.gov<mailto:edthoma at sandia.gov>
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