[Bro] how to get manager.mbps.csv

김희철 hckim at narusec.com
Thu Nov 27 21:41:40 PST 2014

Hi all

I am running bro 2.3.1 with bro cron enabled + pfring + broctl
bro is running fine.

in the logs/stats/www/ directory I get

591144 Nov 28 14:30 manager.cpu.csv

15 Jul 18 11:07 manager.in.csv

15 Jul 18 11:07 manager.mbps.csv

856410 Nov 28 14:30 manager.mem.csv

24 Jul 18 11:07 manager.pkts.csv

these files

I only get data for manager.cpu.csv and manager.mem.csv.

rest of other files has only header

if I want to populate rest of files, do I have to setup something?

Thank you
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