[Bro] Error: value used but not set (bloomfilter_basic_init)

Xxx, Xxx Xxx.Xxx at Removed.com
Mon Oct 20 11:44:39 PDT 2014


This is my first time using the mailing list so please let me know if I need to follow a certain format when asking questions.

We are trying to set up a Bro 2.3 development server but whenever we run 'broctl check' our SMTP script throws the following error:

Value used but not set (bloomfilter_basic_init)

This is the offending line:

global mail_links = bloomfilter_basic_init(0.00000001, 10000000);

We got the script from GitHub. Looks nearly identical to this:


It's worth noting that the script runs with no issues on a previous version of Bro.

Any help would be appreciated!!

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