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Allen, Brian brianallen at wustl.edu
Fri Oct 31 12:45:58 PDT 2014

Hi -

Our Medschool uses the IBM Qradar SIEM tool, and we have a project to expand it to cover the rest of the University.  Since we have a SEIM now, I figured I might as well put the best logs I have in it -  which include BRO logs: http, dns, conn, etc.

IBM is asking me the following question:  Is BRO able to forward raw flow data that has not been normalized or altered?

I'm pretty sure the answer is no because I have worked with raw flow data with flow-tools a lot, but I wanted to post it here to make sure, plus see if anyone is using BRO with a SIEM and what those setups might look like.


Brian Allen, CISSP
Information Security Manager
Washington University
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