[Bro] Question on file hashes and cyrmu db

Seth Hall seth at icir.org
Mon Sep 8 06:28:06 PDT 2014

On Sep 7, 2014, at 4:59 PM, Dave DeChellis <dave at dechellis.com> wrote:

> 2.   When I do get some matches from Cymru, I don't get the entry in notice.log via the detect bro script.

How do you know you get a match from Team Cymru if it doesn't show up in your notice.log?

>  I did change the detect-MHR.bro and made the following changes:  changed the percent down to 1 (just to test) and added the .zip mime extension

You should really avoid making changes to that file.  Instead you should have done this in local.bro (or elsewhere, just a script you control):

redef TeamCymruMalwareHashRegistry::match_file_types += /application\/zip/;
redef TeamCymruMalwareHashRegistry::notice_threshold = 1;


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