[Bro] Removing IP from Intel Framework?

Aaron Gee-Clough lists at g-clef.net
Mon Sep 15 06:22:13 PDT 2014


I'm working with the intel framework and enjoying it, but have hit a bit 
of a problem: I can successfully add new IPs to watchlists in the 
framework, but I can't remove them without restarting bro. I'd like to 
be able to do this to handle false-positives, for example.

The fact that new watchlist entries are flagged says to me that I'm 
doing the "create the file then move it into place" bit properly...I 
don't know what's up with removing entries, though.

I'm running bro 2.3 (the 06/16/14 release), and am invoking the intel 
framework like this:

@load frameworks/intel/seen
@load frameworks/intel/do_notice

redef Intel::read_files += {

internalList.dat looks like:

#fields	indicator	indicator_type	meta.source	meta.url	meta.do_notice 
targetDomain.blah	Intel::DOMAIN	internal_monitoring 
https://internalsite/campaign?arg1=text&arg2=some%20more%20text	T	-

Any ideas?



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