[Bro] Bro + Log rotation (solr ?)

James Lay jlay at slave-tothe-box.net
Mon Sep 15 15:56:37 PDT 2014

On 2014-09-15 16:38, Joe Blow wrote:
> Hey all,
> Im using Bro + rsyslog filereader in order to pump Bro into our big
> data solution (Apache SOLR).  Im using custom python scripts to parse
> the incoming bro messages, batch them into appropriate sizes, and 
> then
> POST them to the SOLR cluster we have setup.  The main problem im
> running into is that rsyslog does not seem to follow the files once
> they have gone through a Bro logrotate.  Is there a way to completely
> disable logrotate?  Has anyone had any luck with the Bro logrotate
> and not losing file handles?
> Id love some help in this matter.  Also - i know that Bro supports
> elastic search POSTing (via libcurl).  Is there any reason why an
> apache SOLR module cant be written/adapted?  I dont see a need to
> write to a file and worry about file handles, when its almost exactly
> the same to POST to SOLR as it is to ES.  Since its all libcurl (and
> JSON) under the hood, id be glad to post/share the SOLR schemas ive
> created for the Bro data.
> Thank in advance.
> Cheers,
> JB

I experienced the same thing, but since I rotate the files manually, I 
restart the syslog service after rotating and that's done the trick for 


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