[Bro] CVE-2014-6271/ detection script

Nicholas Weaver nweaver at ICSI.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Sep 25 08:06:43 PDT 2014

On Sep 24, 2014, at 8:18 PM, Gary Faulkner <gfaulkner.nsm at gmail.com> wrote:

> Critical Stack has a version as well: 
> https://github.com/CriticalStack/bro-scripts/tree/cve-2014-6271/bash-cve-2014-6271

The constraints based on experimenting that I just did to independently validate Liam's script:

The regexp its keying in on:


"() { "

Is correct: adding/changing whitespace or other characters between the () or ) {, and removing the space after the { cause this to fail (but {\t MIGHT work, but my limited shell fu is not able to check that case).  

However, does anyone know if any web servers will urldecode headers?

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