[Bro] Collecting and Graphing Various Bro Statistics

Gary Faulkner gfaulkner.nsm at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 17:25:59 PDT 2015

I'm looking to update some log and event management front-end 
infrastructure and as many of you know properly sizing them requires 
getting a handle on event rates, uncompressed log sizes etc. I seem to 
recall someone was working on a plugin to instrument the sending of Bro 
stats to some combination of statsd(not sure which version), Graphite 
and Grafana. I don't think the presentation ever got posted, so I don't 
know if this was just conceptual or actually in use somewhere, but I'm 
curious how far this got and if it would be a good fit for doing things 
like measuring event logging rates for the various Bro log files, and 
possibly file sizes over time? Any other tidbits about architecture, 
event pipeline, interesting use cases etc would be a bonus. If folks 
have any other automated ways they are doing this I'd be curious as well.


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