[Bro] Error: cannot determine Bro version

Siwek, Jon jsiwek at illinois.edu
Thu Apr 9 11:52:03 PDT 2015

> On Apr 9, 2015, at 12:53 PM, Jerome Taylor <jtaylor1024 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Core was generated by `bro -v'.
> Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
> #0  0x00000000006fc405 in plugin::Manager::HavePluginForHook (this=0x0, hook=plugin::HOOK_BRO_OBJ_DTOR) at /root/Bro/bro/src/plugin/Manager.h:163
> 163            return hooks[hook] != 0;
> Missing separate debuginfos, use: debuginfo-install geoip-1.4.6-1.el6.rf.x86_64 glibc-2.12-1.149.el6_6.5.x86_64 keyutils-libs-1.4-5.el6.x86_64 krb5-libs-1.10.3-33.el6.x86_64 libcom_err-1.41.12-21.el6.x86_64 libgcc-4.4.7-11.el6.x86_64 libselinux-2.0.94-5.8.el6.x86_64 libstdc++-4.4.7-11.el6.x86_64 openssl-1.0.1e-30.el6.8.x86_64 zlib-1.2.3-29.el6.x86_64
> (gdb)

Can you enter “backtrace” at the gdb prompt here and show the output of that as well?

- Jon

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