[Bro] Logging VLAN IDs

James Lay jlay at slave-tothe-box.net
Tue Apr 14 10:43:14 PDT 2015

On 2015-04-14 10:59 AM, Thomas, Eric D wrote:
> Dear Bro developers,
> I've been tasked with trying to modify the Bro source code so that
> conn.log includes the VLAN IDs (including 802.1ah) that have been 
> observed
> in packets associated with that connection. I've scoped out a 
> solution,
> but I want to run it by you first before I start to go for it, in 
> case I'm
> missing something really big.
> PktSrc::Process() does processing of VLAN and 802.1ah, but it just 
> skips
> over them by advancing the data pointer. I will, in addition, store 
> those
> VLAN IDs in a new member of the modified PktSrc class. This gets 
> passed on
> through net_packet_dispatch() and NetSessions::DispatchPacket(). At 
> this
> point NetSessions::NextPacket() gets called, but since the PktSrc 
> doesn't
> get passed to it, I'd need another way to pass it the VLAN ID. I am
> considering two options:
> 1. duplicate NextPacket() adding a new parameter to pass it the VLAN 
> IDs,
> and call that instead, or
> 2. store the VLAN IDs in the NetSessions class, in DispatchPacket() 
> so
> it¹s available to NextPacket() and DoNextPacket() <- Is there a 
> reason
> this wouldn¹t work, e.g. issues with 
> multi-threading/multi-processing?
> Is there one option that seems better to you?
> NetSessions::DoNextPacket() is called next and I would also need a
> modification to pass it VLAN IDs, using one of the options above. In 
> this
> method we finally get access to the appropriate Connection instance, 
> so I
> would store the VLAN IDs in that instance in DoNextPacket().
> I'd need to modify the Connection class in Conn.h to include a new 
> member
> for tracking VLAN IDs. I'd modify Connection::BuildConnVal() and
> scripts/base/init-bare.bro's connection record to make the VLAN IDs
> available to scripts. Lastly, I'd write a script to redef the conn 
> Info
> structure and handle one or more connection events (perhaps
> connection_state_remove) to copy the VLAN IDs from the connection 
> record
> to the Info record.
> Is there anything I'm missing? Is there a better way to approach 
> this?

And a big +1 to this.  Would love to be able to filter VLAN's as well 
as we have listen to physical interfaces that have other interfaces 
mirrored that include some unwanted VLAN's.


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