[Bro] binpac++ plugin error

Troy Jordan troyj at maine.edu
Sat Apr 18 19:45:33 PDT 2015

I am working through section 3 of the binpac++ documentation to
understand binpac++ analyzers are integrated into Bro.

(I'm running the HILTI/Binpac++ docker image, under Centos7.)

I am getting an error when confirming the binpac++ plugin is present:

root at df5e8fd99740:~# export BRO_PLUGIN_PATH=/opt/hilti/build/bro

root at df5e8fd99740:~# bro -NN ssh.evt

fatal error in /usr/local/bro/share/bro/base/init-bare.bro, line 1:
cannot load plugin library
/opt/hilti/build/bro//lib/Bro-Hilti.linux-x86_64.so: undefined symbol:

Perhaps I have set the BRO_PLUGIN_PATH incorrectly?

- Troy


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