[Bro] udp event handlers not catching events

Johanna Amann johanna at icir.org
Mon Dec 14 15:26:47 PST 2015

> I am analyzing a pcap which contains some UDP packets. I have redefined
> both "udp_content_deliver_all_orig" and "udp_content_deliver_all_resp" as
> true, but no events are caught by "udp_request", "upd_reply", and
> "udp_contents". However, I can use "packets_content" and "is_udp_port" to
> catch the udp communications.

Do you have a copy of the actual script that you are using?

Trying the following on try.bro.org with exercise_traffic.pcap seems to
work fine:


redef udp_content_deliver_all_orig=T;
redef udp_content_deliver_all_resp=T;

event udp_contents(u: connection, is_orig: bool, contents: string) {
	print contents;



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