[Bro] New plugin usage: Error: " value used but not set"

John Donnelly jdonnelly at dyn.com
Fri Feb 6 05:09:36 PST 2015


I have  a SW module that worked using the older plugin module from 2.2.135
Bro and I recently merged it to Bro 2.3.397 and when I run my Bro script
that uses it I get:

/usr/local/bro/share/bro/base/protocols/dns/telemetry_speed.bro, line 454:
value used but not set (dns_telemetry_set_options)

dns_telemetry_set_options is a function contained in my module in
a events.bif file. The file is compiled.

Any help in diagnosing this err would be appreciated .
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