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Adam Hall abhall1 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 8 16:53:11 PST 2015

Good Evening Bro Team,
I have ran into an issue with using the BPF packet filter.  I have had the same issue using Bro2.2, 2.3.1, and 2.3.411 on both Ubuntu 14.04 and Gentoo 3.0.2.  The way I am calling the packet filter is through the local.bro file using this command:
# Packet Filter optionsevent bro_init()        {        PacketFilter::exclude("ignore_this_conn","host and port 53");        }
 and you can see it accepted the filter using "broctl diag":
1423442280.253256       bro     (ip or not ip) and (not (host and port 53))   T       T If you used an incorrect bpf filter like "source.host" the "broctl diag" would give you nothing:
1423442280.253847       bro     (ip or not ip)   T       T

What I am currently trying to do is exclude dns traffic with a destination of this host and port 53:
(dst host and dst port 53)
When I add this in the exclude statement the bpf is accepted
1423442632.139980       bro     (ip or not ip) and (not (dst host and dst port 53))   T       T
However, the traffic is still being allowed and not excluded
1423442692.141824       C7pSulFJiU150KhFk       46088       53      udp     33647   -       -       -       -     -
The only way I have been able to successfully get this to work is by defining only "host" or "port", I have not been able to get this to be successful using a "src host", "dst host", "src port", or "dst port".
This creates a problem to the point it's almost unusable to me as I cannot ignore all traffic for "host and port 53".
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
Thank You,
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