[Bro] Building Bro and have a couple errors when running configure

Gary Faulkner gfaulkner.nsm at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 08:56:52 PST 2015

Bro seems to complete the configure step, but I'm seeing a couple 'not 
found' and 'Failed' messages during when tests are run in the configure 
step and am wondering if these are errors that can be ignored or if I 
need to fix them first. This is on RHEL 6.6. I'm using the PF_RING 
libpcap, and the system libpcap is not installed.

-- Performing Test ns_initparse_works_none - Failed
-- Performing Test res_mkquery_works_none - Failed
-- Looking for htonll - not found
-- Looking for include file sys/ethernet.h - not found
-- Looking for include file net/ethertypes.h - not found
-- Looking for include file os-proto.h - not found
-- Performing Test SIN_LEN - Failed
-- Looking for IPPROTO_IPV4 - not found
-- Performing Test DO_SOCK_DECL - Failed
-- Performing Test SYSLOG_INT - Failed
-- Looking for include file pcap-int.h - not found

I ended up installing readline-devel (no readline.h or history.h) and 
having to reinstall BIND (missing libresolv.a) at some point to resolve 
a few other not found issues. I'm not sure why the build script isn't 
finding pcap-int.h. I've manually added the pfring location of this file 
to my path and library path, but it doesn't seem to be finding the 
header file. I don't recall seeing some of these issues in previous 
builds, so I'm wondering if there are some new dependencies or perhaps 
if a recent update from RHEL 6.5 to 6.6 resulted in some weird issues.

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