[Bro] Basic Cluster Install Issues

Jesse V. Burke jburke at wapacklabs.com
Mon Jan 5 05:03:57 PST 2015

Hello All,

I am currently trying to configure bro-2.3.1 for a basic cluster as
outlined on bro.org.  I have a physical box with the IP
(Ubuntu 14.04 server) and a VM (Ubuntu 12.04 LTE) with the IP  I have tried using both the root user with ssh keys
generated and exchanged between the machines and a 'bro' user --after
changing the ownership of /nsm/bro to that user.

I can execute /nsm/bro/bin/broctl and perform an install fine (the proxy
and manager boot) but I get worker-1 still initializing.  Then when I
run a status worker-1 states it's crashed.  Running a diag shows:

/nsm/bro/bin/bro: 1: /nsm/bro/bin/bro: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted
/nsm/bro/bin/bro: 1: /nsm/bro/bin/bro: ELF: not found

The second line has some funny characters in it which makes me think I
might be missing a dependency.

Has anyone seen this or know of a quick fix?  Literally all I did was
follow the guide and commented out the stand-alone stuff in node.cfg and
then un-commented the cluster stuff + set my hosts to the IPs, exchanged
SSH keys, ran broctl install, then status to see nothing working.
Thanks guys!

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