[Bro] A strange connection

Po-Ching Lin pachinko.tw at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 04:42:47 PST 2015

I saw a strange connection in a connection log. In this connection, the original bytes
are 114,502,461, but most of the bytes are simply missing (114,502,154 bytes
according to the missed bytes field). The original IP bytes are relatively few
(only 519 bytes). What is the possible cause of the large sequence gap? Is it due to
capture loss?  Thanks.

1419498119.991707       CLQP0QdahFaFha0U2       140.x.x.x  58967 66.171.248.x  80      tcp   http     253.220343      114502461 592490922       SF      T       114502154       
ShADadfF 5       519     6       578     (empty)


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