[Bro] offloading the processing to different nodes

Luis Miguel Silva luismiguelferreirasilva at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 12:45:59 PST 2015

Dear all,

Lets imagine that I have a low end machine capturing traffic and want to
send the pre-filtered events into a more beefy remote machine for analysis
and event capturing. Can I do that?

Based on bro's Input framework, I believe I can redirect an entire tcpdump
into it BUT, I want *some* filtering to happen upfront, though the MAIN
processing work should be executed somewhere else.

>From what I understood (based on this architectural description
<https://www.bro.org/sphinx/cluster/index.html>), my low end computer in
charge of the sniffing would run the "manager" code and my beefy machine(s)
would run the workers. Is that how I would set things up?
And who writes the outputs, is it the workers OR do the workers pass the
result back to the manager?

Also, if I were to use the File analysis framework, would it be possible to
extract and analyze the files in the beefy computers instead of the manager
node? I suspect I'll have to transfer the full connection flow (so the file
can be extracted) and that will generate a LOT of traffic (which is
something I want to avoid). Are my assumptions correct?

Thank you,
Luis Silva
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