[Bro] Segmentation Fault when using DPD in BinPAC++

Peter Hansen pch66 at cornell.edu
Tue Jun 23 06:48:42 PDT 2015


I am running into a bug implementing DPD with BinPAC++ where it appears to
be causing segmentation fault errors. To reproduce this, all I have to do
is run bro -r on any capture file using bro/pac2/http.evt.

The only output I get is:

Segmentation fault, (core dumped)

Additionally, I cannot seem to find that any of the files in bro/pac2
create events when the kind of traffic they are designed for is produced a
port besides their well known. (i.e., using bro/pac2/ssh.evt does not
create an event when an ssh connection is made on port 2222)

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