[Bro] Bro's limitations with high worker count and memory exhaustion

Jan Grashofer jan.grashofer at cern.ch
Sun Jun 28 01:03:49 PDT 2015

I experienced similar problems (memory gets eaten up quickly and workers crash with segfault) using tcmalloc. Which malloc do you use?



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There's some sort of association between memory exhaustion and a high number of workers.  The poor man's fix would be to purchase new servers with higher CPU speeds as that would reduce the worker count.  Issues with high worker count and/or memory exhaustion appears to be a well know problem based on the mailing list archives.

In the current version of bro-2.4 my previous configuration immediately causes the manager to crash: 15 proxies, 155 workers.  To resolve this I've lowered the count to 10 proxies and 140 workers.  However even with this configuration the manager process will exhaust all memory and crash within about 2 hours.

The manager is threaded; I think this is an issue with the threading behavior between manager, proxies, and workers.  Debugging threading problems is complex and I'm a complete novice.. my current tutorial is using information from a stack overflow thread:


Does anyone else have this problem ?  What have you tried and what do you suggest ?


1435347409.458185       worker-2-18     parent  -       -       -       info    [#10000/<>] peer sent class "control"

1435347409.458185       worker-2-18     parent  -       -       -       info    [#10000/<>] phase: handshake

1435347409.661085       worker-2-18     parent  -       -       -       info    [#10000/<>] request for unknown event save_results

1435347409.661085       worker-2-18     parent  -       -       -       info    [#10000/<>] registered for event Control::peer_status_response

1435347409.694858       worker-2-18     parent  -       -       -       info    [#10000/<>] peer does not support 64bit PIDs; using compatibility mode

1435347409.694858       worker-2-18     parent  -       -       -       info    [#10000/<>] peer is a Broccoli

1435347409.694858       worker-2-18     parent  -       -       -       info    [#10000/<>] phase: running

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