[Bro] Bro Network Appliance Options

Tim Yardley yardley at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 14:34:22 PST 2015


I'm gathering some requirements and vendor options associated with
small scale Bro installations and looking for some input from the
field. Namely, I have interest in systems that are known to work well
with Bro, work reliably in the field, and that have the general
community "stamp of approval".

Features I'd like to have:
- hardware bypass support (or ability to put in a card that does support it)
- 4 interfaces
- ability to scale to at least 100Mbit line rate, 1Gbit would be
better but is not necessary

Any thoughts on CPU and RAM are always appreciated as well.
Recommended CPUs supporting any hardware options that are considered
good to take advantage of, RAM sizing, etc.

Thank you in advance for any input you can provide, as I am sure that
it can provide value to others as well.



Tim Yardley
Associate Director of Technology
Information Trust Institute, University of Illinois
yardley at illinois.edu

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