[Bro] pybroker with 'optional' fields

Jeff Barber jbarber at computer.org
Mon May 18 07:27:10 PDT 2015

I've been playing with sending event data to a peer using the broker
interface. I'm able to send records over just fine and my python script can
receive and interpret them using the swig-generated wrapper as long as all
the fields are present.

If I try to send one with optional fields such as pkt_hdr where not all of
the fields are present (as is always the case with pkt_hdr), I get various
segmentation violations either direct in the swig-generated code or
assertion failures in the 'optional' class.

Seems like there should be a more intelligent iterator for the record
fields in the swig source. I was thinking it would make sense to return a
None value in the slot where a non-present optional value goes and then you
could just test for that, but I don't know enough about swig to create the
iterator. I've tried several combinations of %extend, %pythoncode and so
forth, but can't figure out the right magic words.

Anybody know the right way to do this?
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