[Bro] Packet bricks

Muhammad Asim Jamshed ajamshed at ICSI.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Nov 3 21:44:36 PST 2015


Packet bricks is a Linux/FreeBSD networking tool that can be used
to load balance or duplicate ingress traffic across applications and/or 
clusters. Packet bricks uses netmap I/O module for capturing traffic and
netmap pipes to forward packets to target applications.  

The experimental version of packet-bricks is now available on 
github (https://github.com/bro/packet-bricks <https://github.com/bro/packet-bricks>). You can find more
details in the README file. Please email any feedback or bug reports
to ajamshed at icsi.berkeley.edu <mailto:ajamshed at icsi.berkeley.edu>


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